Why IIT Kharagpur?

IIT Kharagpur is the first, the largest and the most diversified among the IITs, and has always been an innovator either in the industry or academia; the alumni of this institute have always made their alma mater proud, with their innovative thoughts and perseverance for the growth of corporations all over the globe. The institute offers a robust academic curriculum, along with a culture of excellence in extracurricular activities.

A typical KGPian has always played a pivotal role in the growth of organizations, a habit which is cultivated right here on campus. Our alumni reinforce our belief that whichever be the industry, at IIT Kharagpur, you will always find candidates meeting, and even exceeding your expectations from a prospective employee.

 From the Director's Desk

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, the pioneer of technical education in India is the largest and most diversified of the IITs established post independence. The Institute consistently attracts the finest faculty and students for its undergraduate, postgraduate as well as doctoral programs in engineering,...

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 Chairman's Message

Through its unique educational system, IIT Kharagpur ensures that the students are well equipped to face the upcoming challenges with just the right blend of knowledge, communication skills, leadership and an overall sanguine attitude...

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 Vice-Chairman's Message

 Vice - Chairman

Personality Development

The Career Development Centre is a fervent proponent of the idea of seeing the career...

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 Vice - Chairman

Corporate Relations

At the Career Development Centre, we aim to develop a conducive environment which ...

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Past Recruiters

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