Why recruit from IIT KGP?

IIT Kharagpur is the first, the largest and the most diversified among the IITs, and has always been an innovator either in the industry or academia; the alumni of this institute have always made their alma mater proud, with their innovative thoughts and perseverance for the growth of corporations all over the globe. The institute offers a robust academic curriculum, along with a culture of excellence in extra­curricular activities. A typical KGPian has always played a pivotal role in the growth of organizations, a habit which is cultivated right here on campus. Our alumni reinforce our belief that whichever be the industry, at IIT Kharagpur, you will always find candidates meeting, and even exceeding your expectations from a prospective employee.

 Academic Offerings

IIT Kharagpur has 23 academic departments, 15 multi-disciplinary research centers and 12 schools with 32 UG & 61 PG courses being offered in engineering, science, humanities, management, law and design. It has laboratories and central research facilities equipped with the most modern equipment to aide practical understanding of concepts and facilitate research and industrial exposure. Courses available in the Vinod Gupta School of Management and Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law ensures that students who have a bend towards management and consulting sectors have their needs met. With such massive diversity in our offerings the only thing you’ll find uniformly throughout is our relentless pursuit of excellence in doing what we do.

IIT Kharagpur keeps continually re-inventing itself in terms of the academic curriculum so that it can stay ahead of its times and provide its students with the best set of skills to excel. Our students today have the flexibility to take cross-departmental courses as additional or even complete a minor degree in another department, in addition to learning the ins and outs of their major degree. We also provide them with the opportunity to complete a Micro-specialization in extremely important aspects of engineering like systems reliability, embedded wireless systems or even biomedical devices. This enables them to undertake interdisciplinary research and be more holistic in their approach towards the industry.


Our students go beyond the boundaries of the classroom where they participate in a wide variety of extra-academic activities and apply what they have learnt, in a competitive environment on a global platform. Wins at the Go Green in the City 2015 challenge, Asian Paints Paper Contest, SME Students Design Competition, Rice Business Plan Competition, CIMA Global Business Challenge, and the HULT Prize are evidence of the passion and dexterity with which our students work at their craft. Furthermore, IITKGP innovators emerged as top winners in DST-Lockheed Martin Awards, won the GE Edison Challenge of 2013 and also won the Pan IIT Data Analytics Competition this year.



IIT Kharagpur has over 500 distinguished faculty members decorated with national and international awards, honours and conferrals like, Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award, Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award, etc and swamped with countless government and industry sponsored consultancy projects and credited with numerous quality publications & patents. But what makes them really great is their passion for teaching which enables the massive extent of student-faculty interaction, with many of the students being associated with the on-going research and industrial consultancy projects undertaken by the faculty members.

 Research and Student Projects

IIT Kharagpur accords pivotal status to research and development in line with its firm resolve to make a positive contribution to humankind. Today, our nation looks up to the IITs to address some of its major concerns about all round sustainability including safety and security, food and nutrition, shelter and habitat, energy and environment, economy and employment. We at IIT Kharagpur have responded to this challenge by taking up major projects related to Future of Cities, Food and Nutritional Sustainability, Signals and Systems in Life Sciences, Science and Heritage Initiative and major projects related to Clean Water, Bio-energy, Environment and the like. The total funding received by IIT Kharagpur in the last 5 years is more than 630 crore, through 1513 Research and Consultancy Projects.

 Student Involvement

Development and application oriented projects, under the guidance of faculty are mandatory for students of all Academic Programmes. Our students work on all of these ministry and industry sponsored projects which provides them with an unparalleled opportunity to understand and analyse real life problems pertaining to the respective industry.


Students who have come up with innovative solutions to practical problems are encouraged to file national and international patents. In the past, the Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy cell have organised campaigns like ‘100 Days 100 Patents’ , in association with our law school - RGSoIPL and the Technology Transfer Group, to encourage students for the same, which resulted in over 50 patents being filed over the last academic year alone.


Students actively publish their work in the form of papers in peer reviewed national and international conferences and refereed journals and often go on to attend and present their papers in these reputed conferences.


The Central Research Facility provides high end equipments to the students of all departments for research purpose. There are laboratories like Microelectronics & MEMS, Advanced VLSI Design, llT BrefBio Tech, Post harvest technology Centre, Communication Empowerment, etc. that have been instrumental to provide outputs in their respective specific fields.

 Mega Projects

Signals and Systems for Life Sciences: this initiative aims to address important research problems that asks coming together of best practices of medical, engineering and science disciplines.

Sandhi, Sustainable Food Security through: Technological Interventions for Production, Processing and Logistics: A mission oriented research project with dedication, to meet the Food Security of the Nation.

Sandhi:The platform will activate a cluster of projects under the 'Science-Technology & Culture- Heritage Interface' theme. The organizational framework of the Center called 'SANDHI' will be steered by an Apex Committee headed by the competent authority of IIT Kharagpur, and supported by distinguished experts and representatives recognized by the MHRD, Government of India

Future of City: the project is aimed at seeking solutions to issues like road safety, transport, buildings, waste management and optimum use of space, among others. The objective of Future of Cities is to identify the current scenario of urban India and to enhance liveability in cities through research and recommendations from interdisciplinary ‘Schools of Thought’.

 Beyond Academics

IIT Kharagpur realises the importance of sports and cultural activities in shaping the students into complete human beings. Notwithstanding the rigorous academic schedule, students indulge in a variety of extracurricular activities covering music, dramatics, debate, dance, case‐studies, b‐plans, product design, data analytics and almost every sport you can name from football to water‐polo. Furthermore, to prove their mettle in whatever they do, our students participate and win in the most challenging national and international level competitions apart from their inter‐Hall championships. All these activities are organised and led by the students themselves which provides them with an excellent platform to hone their managerial and leadership skills.

 Technology Students’ Gymkhana

The Technology Students' Gymkhana is the hub for the numerous extra‐curricular activities in IIT Kharagpur, be it sports, technology or socio‐cultural. The Gymkhana acts as the centre for the day to day activities of the societies operating on campus, as well as the fests organised by the institute. It also helps with the training and practice of the student teams that represent IIT Kharagpur at various inter‐varsity competitions across the country, including the inter‐IIT meets.

 Case Studies & B‐Plans

The amount of effort put in by the IIT Kharagpur community towards preparing case studies and business plans is enormous, as is evidenced by their participation in the various competitions worldwide, including, but not limited to, the Hult Prize, the World Business Dialogue and the Harvard Programme for Asian and International Relations. Also, with wins on international platforms like the Global Business Challenge 2014 (hosted by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), and the Rice Business Plan competition, our students are literally going places.

 Technology Clubs

The Autonomous Ground Vehicle, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Robo‐soccer Students’ Group and Team KART are among the technology clubs on campus, where they do everything ranging from making tiny robots that can play soccer to making their very own Formula One car. Their proficiency ensures that even among the IITs, it is Kharagpur who emerges as the champion at the inter­IIT Tech Meet.


Nothing displays the spirit of IIT Kharagpur better than its sporting culture. With the wide array of sporting facilities offered by the sprawling campus, you now know how these nerds manage to stay fit!

 Socio-Cultural Activities

The connect with art and culture manifests itself deeply within every student of IIT Kharagpur, it's in bengal after all. They express their creative selves, their inner artists, through mediums like theatre, music concerts, dance, poetry and art, often also turning towards debates to explore their philosophical sides.

 Spring Fest

The connect with art and culture manifests itself deeply within every student of IIT Kharagpur, it's in bengal after all. They express their creative selves, their inner artists, through mediums like theatre, music concerts, dance, poetry and art, often also turning towards debates to explore their philosophical sides.

Spring Fest is an avenue to be comforted from the routine life and to embrace the fun and frolic embedded with tantalizing professional performances from India and abroad along with an addressal to the social responsibility with its underlying social theme.


It is the largest Techno‐management fest organized in Asia. World renowned organizations like ACM, IEEE, ASME, ASHRAE and IMechE certify numerous events of the fest, which stands testimony to the quality and participation in the same. The events account to a total prize money of INR sixty lakhs. Competitions that test the mettle of the students , inspiring guest lectures , technical exhibitions and ebullient and scintillating mega shows make Kshitij a significant platform for all the technically inclined students of the country, giving it immense visibility and recognition.

 Entrepreneurship Cell

The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur is a non‐profit student organisation with a vision to promote entrepreneurship within and beyond the campus. E‐Cell targets to help the development of India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and organises a myriad of events to achieve that end. The Global Entrepreneurship Summit organised in January is the largest summit of its kind which hosts students and entrepreneurs from around the globe for three days where they interact with each other through a host of guest‐lectures, workshops and competitions. They also have their own internships portal which provides startups looking to recruit exceptional talent an access to our students.

 Students’ Alumni Cell

A body working under the direction of Dean of Alumni Affairs & International Relations, students in this organization aim to foster the interaction between the Institute and its alumni and work to enlist their support in the form of mentorship and financial endowments. The cell has launched initiatives like Student‐Alumni Mentorship Programme and Student‐Alumni Meets, which serve as a platform for present students to learn and grow from the experiences of their alumni.

 Scholars’ Avenue and Awaaz

IIT Kharagpur’s English and Hindi campus newspapers, they indulge in hardcore journalism with activities like on‐ field reporting, special interviews, internet blogging, writing op‐eds, conducting opinion polls and ensuring that campus politics is almost as interesting as the country’s.


Over the last 63 years IIT Kharagpur has fulfilled the dreams of many students who have graduated so far. Our alumni have distinguished themselves in almost every field as scientists, academicians, technocrats, industry captains, architects, bureaucrats and have made significant contributions in building modern India. A large no. of them has also made their mark as successful entrepreneurs, academicians or scientists abroad.

We also take pride in producing alumni who have served the country as RBI governor, as Indian ambassador, as Chief Minister, as winner of prestigious Ramon Magsaysay awards, as winner of prestigious medals like VSM, AVSM from the President of India for serving the Indian ARMY, NAVY or the AIRFORCE. Some have made their mark as novelists or as Editors of Magazines and Newspapers, as Bonsai expert, in film making, photography or social work too.

And the list goes on...

Here is a glimpse of some of them listed Department-wise :

It has been forty years since I graduated from IIT Kharagpur. What I learnt there in my formative years has had a very positive influence on my personality and my outlook on life. I owe a great deal to IIT Kharagpur.

 Duvvuri Subbarao (69/PHY) [IAS, Former RBI Governor, Economist]

What IIT taught me was not so much as how to build a radio or a television, but to take a large what seems like a complex problem, reduce it to number of variables and look at the critical variables to try and get a solution. That is what helped me in my life.

 Arjun Malhotra (EC/70/RP) [ Co-Founder HCL, Founder Headstrong]

The most important thing IIT gave me was confidence, and it helped me in everything I did. If you assemble the best brains and live with them for five years, you feel good, happy and confident in life.

 Bikram Dasgupta (73/MA/RP) [Founder Globsyn Group]

My aim was to make the students socialize with each other. For me, the hostel represented the country..

 H. Harish Hande (90/EE/NH), [ Co-Founder SELCO, Ramon Magsaysay Award Winner]

After my parents, IIT Kharagpur had the biggest influence on my life. Going to Kharagpur is like going home.

 Vinod Gupta (AG/67/RK) [CEO infoGROUP]

Proud to pay a humble tribute to my Alma Mater! Your mission in life is not complete unless you are a worthy human being and pay back in one way or other to the society.

 Srigopal Rajgarhia (CH/68/NH) [Entrepreneur]

I am very proud to be from IIT Kharagpur and would like to thank my fellow 1991 batchmates to make the fund raising experience one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.

 Maneesh Bhandari (EC/91/RK) [Social Entrepreneur]

There are those who give so much without asking that even a lifetime is not enough to repay the debt of obligation. KGP is that someone for me.

 Krishnaraj Venkataraman (EE/91/RP) [Entrepreneur]

Five years in KGP will always be the best memories of my life. Giving back feels wonderful !!.

 Prem Puthur (Ag/75/PH) [Chairman and CEO Interlink Network Systems Inc.]

. . . IIT-KGP provided a firm foundation and excellent education to me and I am happy to be part of fund-raising efforts to provide excellent education opportunities for other young people eager to make their marks in the world we call home.

 Amitava H Roy (CH/70/PH) [President & CEO IFDC]

I was at IIT Kharagpur from 1985 to 1989 and I think that was the most critical period of my life. Whatever I learnt at IIT has stayed with me...the entire culture, environment has laid the foundation in my life...and I am very grateful to my alma mater.

 Arvind Kejriwal (ME/89/NH) [Chief Minister Delhi, Ramon Magsaysay Award Winner, Former IRS Officer]