Vice - Chairman's Message

Prof. Uday Shankar
Vice - Chairman, CDC (Corporate Relations)

At the Career Development Centre, we aim to develop a conducive environment which provides ample opportunities to students to develop themselves in a way well suited for the industry. The academic program of the institution is such that it accommodates learning and enhanced research along with personality development, all the while testing students in a challenging way.

The students are prepared for the niceties and rigors of the competitive environment by employability enhancement programs such as talks shows by corporate personalities and employability tests. We encourage our talented alumni pool to constantly visit and interact with our students in the best possible ways. We seek a lot of support from alumni networks to explore internship and job opportunities in India and abroad. We are also closely interacting with industries for various R&D requirements and we share our best possible resources in association with the SRIC(Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy) cell and Alumni cell beyond recruitments. We are keen in feedbacks from corporate experts during the recruitment process to make further enhancements in our processes. With great pride we present to recruiting organizations, the widest pool of bright and enthusiastic students to choose from, best suited for their anticipation and demand.