Vice - Chairman's Message

Prof. Parag A. Deshpande
Vice - Chairman, CDC (Placement and Summer Internship)

The Career Development Centre is a fervent proponent of the idea of seeing the career as an on-going process of learning and development, and we make endeavors to imbibe the same in our students. Bearing this principle in mind, we seek to guide the students in developing their personality, right from the start when they set foot into this renowned institution. By organizing industry oriented lecture series/workshops, life skills/leadership training, career interactions with various main stream engineering experts, we keep our students well abreast with the industrial trends required to excel in their respective professional domains.

By gathering consistent feedback from corporate visitors to CDC, the students attain awareness themselves to set their career path towards excellence. We welcome organizations and experts from various engineering sectors to visit our institute for interaction with CDC and the students and we believe such programs could motivate young talents towards core engineering sectors in order to meet the demands of the corporate world, requirement for national progress, and beyond.