Chairman's Message

Prof. G P Raja Sekhar
Chairman, Career Development Centre, IIT Kharagpur

Through its unique educational system, IIT Kharagpur ensures that the students are well equipped to face the upcoming challenges with just the right blend of knowledge, communication skills, leadership and an overall sanguine attitude. Our prime motto at CDC is to prepare the students for the industry in the best possible way by promoting them to take responsibility for their own career direction and growth. With CDC's new initiative, we encourage various industries to participate with discussions with CDC not only for hiring candidate but also to share their demands in different industrial problems, their need of associations with academic experts, non-conventional projects or internship deals, etc. We put in our best efforts to assist corporate organizations to explore mutual opportunities in the enormously abundant expertise available at IIT Kharagpur. Our intention is to achieve strong relationships with industries for long term betterment of the student communities at IIT Kharagpur.

We organize several open house interaction sessions to have discussions with the students and also we also encourage the students to stick to quality, discipline and commitment. We assist students in attaining confidence through exposures like participating in our pre-placement employability tests and interaction with corporate leaders, and we continually strive to bring a steady improvement in the overall process.

We look forward to avail maximum opportunities for our student community, simultaneously putting forward a wide and talented pool of future employees, thus making recruitment a pleasant experience for everyone.