The Institute

IIT Kharagpur is the birthplace of quality engineering education in India that was setup with the motto “योगः कर्मसु कौशलम्” and that is exactly what we stand for, excellence in action. Every year it takes in the most talented students in our country and sculpts them into the finest technologists, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and industry-leaders. It has been able to create a worldwide reputation of being one of the finest institutes in the field of basic sciences, technology, and research because of the dedicated efforts of its distinguished faculty members, state-of-the-art infrastructure and its passion for serving the nation and humankind through constantly redefining what’s possible in this field.

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 About CDC

IIT Kharagpur has revamped its Training and Placement (TnP) section to Career Development Centre(CDC) which provides 360 degree career solutions to the students. CDC, through its various activities, envisions to ‘Create Game Changer IIT Kgpians’. It has been established with the mission to ‘Make every individual IITian a Career Oriented person instead of a Job Oriented Person’. CDC views all recruiters as partners in developing careers of students at IIT Kharagpur. It is continuously engaged in building relationships with corporate sectors and building careers of IIT students.Several corporate houses have also shown interest in joining this new career orientation program of IIT Kharagpur. CDC, through its orientation programs, aims to develop professional ethics among the students. It facilitates students to decide and pursue their careers in various sectors, which include core engineering, IT, Financial, Banking, Analytics, Consulting jobs, research and development, academic institutions etc.A new initiative of CDC has been to institutionalize the international internship program through which students of IIT Kharagpur would get opportunities to avail international internships facilitated by the alumni of the institute. Students right from day one can be guided in making a conscious career choice. These various activities of CDC serve as motivation for IIT aspirants who on admission to IIT Kharagpur can avail the unique services offered by the CDC.

 Various activities of CDC can be primarily categorized into three functions :

1. Career Development Programme :

  • Improve soft skills, professional communication and personality through career counselling by professional agencies/experts.
  • Help prepare professional resumes by conducting resume writing workshops.
  • Management development programs
  • Assisting the departments in organizing Industry oriented workshops, leadership talks, lectures, competitions, Curriculum Oriented Career Prospects (COCP)Workshops including specialized niche areas.

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2. Internships and placements :

  • Conducting internships and placements – both national and international
  • Conducting in-house Employability Tests (ET)
  • Publishing information in portal/ hard copies and communicating the same with recruiters

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3. Corporate Relations :

  • Facilitating meetings between visiting corporate houses and Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy Cell and Departments.
  • Collecting corporate feedback on what they are looking for in students for different types of jobs.
  • Development of further interaction pattern.
  • Arranging interaction sessions between corporate leaders and students (Guest lecturers/ talks/ seminars)
  • Alumni – Mentoring, Recruitment, Further networking (Through alumni cell, Dean AA&IR)
  • Collecting Course content feedback from the industries

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 The Career Development Centre seeks to act as a bridge between the industry leaders of today, and the budding leaders of tomorrow. By routinely incorporating the needs of the industry into a part of the IIT Kharagpur student experience, be it culture or curricula, we ensure that organizations receive the talent pool they need in order to flourish and develop further, while at the same time assisting our students as they step into the corporate world.